Johannes Krampen feat. The faboulus Monday Boys

Johannes Krampen founded The Fabulous Monday Boys on a Monday in 2012.  The band‘s first concerts were with 12 musicians and 7 singers. The idea: diverse genres and musical experiences loosely woven together using jazz – music.

This basic idea led to Johannes Krampen forming the jazz quartet in its current constellation in 2018, that forms and performs a mix of its own arrangements and fresh visions of classical works in a jazz style. With a mass of classical background and understanding, charm, humour and jazzy spontaneity they have created their own, new and original genre – ClazzJazz

welcome to the ClazzJazz – world:

2023 is the year you can look forward to their first album it’s a ClazzJazz – world. An homage to the great classical composers and their works, but also to the future potential and flexibility of their legacies. it’s a ClazzJazz – world shows how lovingly and smoothly Johannes Krampen and his Boys can move in the two different worlds, how they can let effortlessy merge the two genres with each other and how seemlessly they switch between the two.