The Johannes Krampen Trio

The Johannes Krampen Trio was formed in 2014 for the first time, to play a spontanious promotion-gig according to an outstanding project of the Stuttgarter Symphoniker. In this occasion they composed an adorable arrangement of the schindler’s list theme and produced a live-video of their performance.

In this situation of planning and developing this first arrangement, the three thoroughbred musicians discovered their collective love for the elaboration of outstanding compositions.

According to this they create and compose regularly new pieces with their special new sound:

symphonic chamber pop

In the interaction of their different musical experiences and the mixing of their varying musical homelands, they reach to awake new arrangements of rousing timbres, grooves and melodies on hoghest level to life.

The concert program smile – the essence of film music presents grand and infamous film music compositions for orchestra. Works that were originally written as suites, symphonies or themes for larger ensembles of up to 100 players have been rearranged by the three artists in their symphonic chamber pop concept. The consolidation of generous melodic content has given form to fabulous new compositions.

The Johannes Krampen Trio:

  • Uwe Metzler – studied pop-/rock-guitarist – known for international cd-productions and tours with artist like Lou Bega, Sarah Brightman, Katja Ebstein or Anne Whiley.
  • Henrik Mumm – studied base-/cello-player – loves the mixing of Jazz with foreign music cultures. This led to collaborations with many international artist like Greetje Bijma (NL), Anne Wylie (Irl), Helen Schneider (USA), Helge Andreas Norbakken (Nor), Hakim Ludin (Afghanistan). Henrik is lecturer at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Stuttgart.
  • Johannes Krampen – studied classical violinist – estimated as an international artist. Next to his classical concerts and projects he is vallued for his studio- and stage-perfomances with and for Bands in Jazz-, Rock- or Pop-music.